06 October 2011

Water no get Enemy - Fela Kuti

Fela created his own genre of music called Afrobeat. Afrobeat is combination of traditional Yoruba music, jazz, highlife, funk and chanted vocals. Fela was ahead of his time and he didn't even know this. Most of the things he said in his lyrics is what is going on now in Africa. He was a supporter of Pan-Africanism and socialism and also a big supporter of traditional religions and lifestyles (even though his father was a protestant minister, but thats another story entirely). I love this song because of the beautiful instrumentals and of course, the lyrical content. We take advantage of so many things that we get everyday like water. Water is essential to human life, only a fool will go without it. Likewise, the people and the body politic are a nation's lifeblood. They populate the land, power the economy, and preserve culture. Only a foolish government would fight or antagonize its citizens. "Trample on your own people, and your nation will die of thirst."
This song was written back in 1975 for Nigeria, but his message is still worth hearing today.


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