14 February 2012

Update: Coco as of lately

Hello everyone, Happy valentines day!!
I know, I know, I've been MIA for a while. I've been going through a "blogger's block". Anyway i'm back. I've not been going much really but right now I'm in the airport about to go to UK so a lot of pictures are coming your way.

Happy Lovers Day

We just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Love Day. For those of you in relationships or not, show yourself love on this day, before you show anyone else love! If you can't love you, no one else will....

Also and most importantly, remember your first love....that's right....the one person who loved you before you even loved him. The only person who loves you despite all your deep dark secrets!! JOHN 3:16

Love you all!!

05 February 2012

Update: Omosexi as of Lately

~Just finished an awesome, wonderful, inspiring, life changing, 21 day fasting and prayer. The best fasting I have ever done. See some people get a wrong impression of fasting. Some people that fasting involves people who are starving themselves, trying to lose weight while twisting God's arm to do something for them. That's not true! Fasting is simply telling God that "I am putting aside myself and secular things to spend more time with you, to get to know you better." You don't have to fast food. Like I fasted from twitter, facebook, blogging, music other than gospel and food. This is what I've been experiencing for the last four days....I dare you to check it out ----> Awakening Revival :D

~I'M NOT PERFECT!! yea yea yea, I know it's so cliche, but it really made sense to me during my fast. I am nowhere near perfect and I can never be! I'm just a sinner living through the grace of God. I've done a lot of pretty bad things trying to be perfect. Funny, for the first time in my life I told my best friend EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING I've ever done and all he said at the end was "that's it?" I know he was trying to make me feel better, but it's true! God can forgive you of any and everything so stop being perfect. I've offended people, hurt people, lead people astray, etc. but God forgives :D

~I finally got my Sperrys....I know I know...it's about time, and mehn do they feel so comfortable :D

~For some reason I am obsessed with midi length dresses and skirts...i don't know why. But I just love them. They have the look of being sexy and edgy while simultaneously being classy 

~I bought two new books Misfit and Awakening. Can't wait to start reading :D 

~Mehn I feel way more domesticated! I just bought a deep fryer and slow cooker!! *shimmies* can't wait to start cooking

~I hate name brand clothing/accessories. Is it just me? Like seriously, why am I paying you for your name? Your name isn't greater then mine so why?!?!? Like I'm on a name brand strike!! lol...who wants to join me?!?! hahaha 

~I'm in the process of building my arm candy collection...coming soon...watch out for it....I've fallen in love with anything that goes on my arm....and weird enough I am not a jewelry person...*shrugs*

Anyways, that is it for me as of lately. Have a blessed Sunday and please live simple :D

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