29 November 2011

Bald and Beautiful

So recently, we have all noticed the new trend of females chopping all their hair off. Even though everything ain't for everybody, I really admire the people who take the huge step to go bald (or almost bald as the case may be). I have also noticed that not only black women are doing the Big Chop (BC), women of other races are doing it to. 

The Beautiful blonde from the Febreze commercial

Other celebrities like Chrisette Michele and Solange have also done the BC and they look absolutely gorgeous.

People don't only do the BC to go natural. Here are a few reasons women decide to cut off all their hair:
To love themselves more
Refuse to have beauty defined by society
To be spontaneous and change up their look
To be free
To be satisfied 

Like India Arie said I am not my hair. Don't let your hair define who you are.

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