26 December 2011

AKEYNO Giveaway!!!

Hello Lovely Viewers!!
We've decided that it was high time for us to do something for you. We appreciate all of the support that you've given us through following our blog, liking us, commenting, etc. You're support is definitely helping us to improve and for that we are saying thank you!!

So with that said, we are partnering up with Ms. Olayinka from AKEYNO to give you a wonderful New Years giveaway. AKEYNO is a line of handmade jewelry and accessories with an Afro-centric flavor.

Males: If the winner is a male, you have the choice of either the Cloud Bracelet or the Stripe Bowtie.
Females: If the winner is a female, you have the choice of either the Seal Hair Clip or the Abloom Necklace

So how do you enter??? Just follow these simple steps:

- Follow our blog
- Follow Akeyno's blog
- Leave a comment on this post with your email address

The Giveaway will run until January 6th, and the winner will be announced on the 8th!

- Please only enter once
- The winner will be picked randomly 
- If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at wearesimplicity2@gmail.com

Good Luck,


  1. Yaaaay.....I love free giveaway:) thank you B...xoxo


  2. I like that bracelet......Segunawe@hotmail.com

  3. cute ! very cute ! :)


  4. voadeoye0@frostburg.edu



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