12 December 2011

Letter to Santa

Good day everyone!! Hope you all are having an extraordinarily blessed week and day!!

So we are super excited that Christmas is Sunday this year. I mean what better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then on a Sunday! :D so while thinking of that we also thought of gifts.....

Omosexi's Wishlist: 
I started thinking about my childhood. It's rather interesting. My family was never the one to do Christmas gifts. I mean they told me from the jump that Santa wasn't real and I kinda even  figured that out in Kindergarten when we had to reply to the Dear Santa letters from to Pre-K kids because "Santa was too busy making toys" *rolls eyes* I was a smart child...couldn't put one past me...lol....anyways so yea, never really got into the whole Santa theme. Although we did decorate the tree every year which was fun and that was definitely some fun family times. And funny enough I never missed the gifts, I mean we were not rich and we were not poor but usually when I wanted something, I would just ask, never had to wait for Christmas to make this long extensive list....lol...anywho...

I've decided this year I'm making my Christmas Wishlist lol...so here it goes....All I Want for Christmas Is.....

Waffle Iron: (yes this is at the top of the list...every1 knows I hate pancakes but I love waffles) lol (can get this one from macy's and its the square one, not the circle one*hint hint*)

Blackberry Playbook/Ipad 2

Siberian Husky (they are the cutest sexiest dogs ever and I want one!!!) 

Nikon D90

Coco's Wishlist: 
Unlike Omosexi, my family was big on christmas and i got christmas gifts every year until I turned 18 and I got a job and they could care less what I wanted for christmas. Well, I wont bore you with a long note and go straight to what I want for christmas :D

Fendi Fan di Perfume

Blackberry 9900 *fingers crossed*

Nikon Coolpix L120

iPad 2

Victoria Secret Gift Card :D

Still writing and wishing,

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