06 January 2011

Treasure Hunt

I was talking to my best friend on the phone one day and he asked me where I was, since the place was so noisy. I told him I was in a thrift store shopping. His reply was "What is so great about thrift stores? Even my friend here loves going to thrift stores, can you please explain that to me." So here is my explanation....

Imagine for a second you found a treasure map. With that map, there is bound to be something hidden. It may be something worth millions or it may be something worth less than dirt. But the joy doesn't come in knowing what is hidden, it comes in knowing what the possibilities are. The joy comes with the stories that the treasure tells. For me, the thrift store is the treasure map. Inside the store lies ton of clothing. It's an adventure to go through the thrift store. You never know what you will find. Some days you wont find anything, but the very next day, you could find tons of things you like. That's the thrill!

Each shirt, jacket, skirt, pants, belt, purse, earring, scarf, etc tells a different story. And for me, it's always amusing to create a story behind the item. See these earrings, they were worn by Mrs. Tiffany Parks. O Mrs. Parks, was a wealthy women. In fact she was the beauty of the town. Of the very small town. Or this skirt, was worn by Ms. Sue. Although never married, she wore this skirt the day she met the man that changed her life forever...blah blah blah.

This is the joy that going to the thrift store creates in me. That is why I will continue to go on my Treasure Hunt and find what is out there for me to find!!

05 January 2011

Shoe of the Day: Nicholas Kirkwood

I am IN LOVE with these shoes. The moment I saw them in the Vogue August edition I wanted them right away!!! Too hot!!!

Nicholas Kirkwood Black Lace Leather Booties

04 January 2011

Model of the Month: Wakeema Hollis

New York Fashion Model

Hair and Fashion Icon

natural beauty

Memphis southerner

3+ year model

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