03 December 2011

Flowers and Chocolate

So, since I've come to Jacksonville back in August, besides to school, I haven't really had anywhere to dress up to. And mehn I like playing dress up, but with the fact that Jax is so boring combined with how busy this semester has been, I haven't had time to have fun.....

So, this weekend when my friend Michelle called to tell me that she decided to celebrate her birthday by having a dinner, I was too excited.....finally I could throw my slippers and vans in the closet

 and break out my heels......lol.....I wore a very chill outfit....(white tank top from Cotton On; a gray blazer I got as a gift; some old jeans; and some red heels)

Anyways, I went to Michelle's place to help her get ready......(fyi...her bf is the sweetest, he sent her chocolates and flowers...too cute...btw Tobi she has yet to share the chocolate ooooooo lol) 

And to take pictures of course 

(btw, I'm on a mission to get these shoes lol)

Disclaimer: I'm not really that tall. Only 5'3....she's just really that short lol

So while waiting to be seated, we decided to walk around the Town Center. For you guys who have never been to Jax, the Town Center is one of its most gorgeous attractions. It's a huge, beautiful outdoor mall. And best of all it has my favorite store (Anthropologie....*hint hint*) 

The fact that we finally went somewhere other than the library was too much for some of us to handle and we started acting like fools in the stores.....lol....can you really blame us??? lol

Anyways, we finally got seated and enjoyed a very chill, delicious and  humorous dinner.....

That's the end of my night out....wanted to say another Happy Birthday to my darling Michelle. May God continue to prosper and bless you, and may he continue to add many more years to your years in Jesus Name. Luv ya!!!

Opening my book and reading,


  1. Using the new camera I see
    Tip - Make your pics bigger on the post


  2. Thanks darling....advice duly noted :D


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