13 December 2011

Look Ma...No Hair

Recently, I did another BC (big chop). And when I say BC I mean no more hair. A lot of my friends have been asking me why I cut my hair again, and here are my reasons:

Reason #1
The color that I put in my hair about 7 months ago, really started damaging and drying out my hair. Hair started to become very weak and brittle, and I had split ends like crazy
Reason #2
Although I loved the color I had, it was a very unprofessional shade of red. And since I'm about to enter the professional world soon, I thought it would be best for me to go into interviews with black hair. Plus, I realized how much I just love all black hair. It's so beautiful.
Reason #3
I wanted to be 100% natural. Meaning, no chemicals, dyes, etc in my hair AT ALL. So that entailed me cutting off the color.
Reason #4
And my final reason. I've always wanted to do another BC, but was also scared cause I didn't think I had the right face for a really really short style. So this week I got courage from somewhere lol and decided if I really wanted to do it I better do it now. So, I took scissors to my head and then went to the barber shop for them to correct the nonsense that I cut into my hair lol

This is how my hair looked earlier this week.....

Here's how it looks now...... What do you think?

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