29 September 2011

Mission Impossible?!?! POSSIBLE

Don't mind the title, that's what happens when you're high off of 3 cups of coffee! lol [have to study for midterms]

Anyways, I am on a new mission. Story, story....story.....once upon a time, time time lol [coffee effect] So i wore this nice outfit today, if I must say so myself, and I looked in my closet and realized that I did not have any..........................platform shoes.......

I know....I thought the same thing!

So now my new mission is to find some platform shoes. Most people that know me, know that I like to shop but that I can also be very cheap [I mean who likes spending money??]. So I need some platforms on a good deal.....

[Mission accepted] Let the mission begin!!!

26 September 2011

Do You Remember the 21st Night of September?

I would like to tell you all a very interesting story titled Do You Remember the 21st Night of September?.

Once upon a time, on September 21st, the Lord was in the happiest and most creative mood ever. He decided it was best to bring forth his best creation. 22 years later, his creation is celebrating her born day.

The Thursday after her birthday, she left the God-forsaken Jax to go back home and hang with all her friends and family that she missed so dearly

Friday consisted of one of the best birthday dinners she ever experienced. In lovely Downtown Silver Spring

With the best group of friends anyone could ask for.

She was not the only wonderful creation God made. [The two birthday celebrants]

The frosting on the cake (literally....well at least cupcake) was spending Saturday afternoon standing in the longest line for cupcakes with one of her favorite boos!

WHY stand in this line? All for....

Yes....all for the best cupcakes ever!!! All for that one cupcake

Finally the best weekend ended, and this wonderful creation had to fly back to reality. *sigh*
The End!!!

19 September 2011

The Persistence of Memory

Memories are quite interesting. Time, places, people, thoughts all fade away. Sometimes to be retrieved later, sometimes never to be heard of again.

Tonight, it's extremely hard for me to sleep, for memories keep flooding and invading every region of my mind, heart and spirit. Memories that I thought I got rid of long ago.

Then it hit me *BAMMM*

I never got rid of those memories. Those memories didn't live in notes/letters that I balled up, pictures that I burned, CDs that I scratched , clothing that I ripped, or gifts that I threw away, but they live in the depth of my mind and heart, waiting to break free and remind me of all the good and bad that make me who I am.

[One of my favorite portraits: The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali]
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