14 November 2011

Natural Hairstyles

So recently, my hair grew longer after I took out my weave (yes, I'm a semi-weavehead). My hair is not the typical natural hair that falls on the face, my hair is always up in the air. Doing the hairstyles I use to do when my hair was shorter is not quite possible so I have to experiment with my hair and think of new styles. I will put up picture of different styles I do to my h on various days and a short description of how I did it.
Here are different styles I did in the past week:

Mohawk: this style only works when my hair has a lot of shrinkage

Bun: this is pretty easy to do. I use my usual products and put my hair up with a small scrunchie and hair pins.

Freestyle up-do: french-braid in the back and a hump in front held down with pins

Mini-twists: After washing, I put in my usual products then I twisted it while my hair was still da

 Huge donut: after taking out the twists, I used a band to push my hair up. Then I used pins to make the donut look.

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