04 November 2011

Gift Idea #1: Video Cards

So that special someone's birthday is coming up and you're strapped for cash and you're running out of ideas...no worries Omosexi is here lol 

Video cards have been making a wave lately. Instead of buying a card from the store, get friends and family members of the "special person" to record themselves saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY/CONGRATULATIONS, or what so have you. 

Not only is this idea cheap (maximum $5 spent, and that's just for buying the blank DVDs), but it also shows the person that you spent time and energy thinking of something to give them. Plus it's a neat way of getting everyone "together" without the hassle of coordinating with schedules

From a personal testimony, I know it is great. I created a video for one of my friends for his birthday a while back, and I know he loved it. 

Remember: It's not the gift that counts, but the thought behind it. You don't need to get something expensive to show someone you care. Simplicity is the best! 


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