26 December 2011

AKEYNO Giveaway!!!

Hello Lovely Viewers!!
We've decided that it was high time for us to do something for you. We appreciate all of the support that you've given us through following our blog, liking us, commenting, etc. You're support is definitely helping us to improve and for that we are saying thank you!!

So with that said, we are partnering up with Ms. Olayinka from AKEYNO to give you a wonderful New Years giveaway. AKEYNO is a line of handmade jewelry and accessories with an Afro-centric flavor.

Males: If the winner is a male, you have the choice of either the Cloud Bracelet or the Stripe Bowtie.
Females: If the winner is a female, you have the choice of either the Seal Hair Clip or the Abloom Necklace

So how do you enter??? Just follow these simple steps:

- Follow our blog
- Follow Akeyno's blog
- Leave a comment on this post with your email address

The Giveaway will run until January 6th, and the winner will be announced on the 8th!

- Please only enter once
- The winner will be picked randomly 
- If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at wearesimplicity2@gmail.com

Good Luck,

19 December 2011

Kiss Us....We're New

Hello lovely followers,
So, Coco and I decided to spend the weekend together. During our wonderful weekend we made a much needed trip to Sephora and got some new goodies. [fyi: i'm not really a lipstick person, but i'm getting into it gradually]

*Sephora colors are so rich*
*Mosun and my new lip color....dark and seductive with a bit of class&
*Coco's new lip color, classic with a bit of risk*


14 December 2011

Reunited and It Feels so Good!!

So I finally reached MD and got to hang out with my favorite person Coco. Unfortunately, I did not bring Insight so we only got to take pictures in her place instead of outside when we were going around town. But here we are goofing around!!! :D 



13 December 2011

Look Ma...No Hair

Recently, I did another BC (big chop). And when I say BC I mean no more hair. A lot of my friends have been asking me why I cut my hair again, and here are my reasons:

Reason #1
The color that I put in my hair about 7 months ago, really started damaging and drying out my hair. Hair started to become very weak and brittle, and I had split ends like crazy
Reason #2
Although I loved the color I had, it was a very unprofessional shade of red. And since I'm about to enter the professional world soon, I thought it would be best for me to go into interviews with black hair. Plus, I realized how much I just love all black hair. It's so beautiful.
Reason #3
I wanted to be 100% natural. Meaning, no chemicals, dyes, etc in my hair AT ALL. So that entailed me cutting off the color.
Reason #4
And my final reason. I've always wanted to do another BC, but was also scared cause I didn't think I had the right face for a really really short style. So this week I got courage from somewhere lol and decided if I really wanted to do it I better do it now. So, I took scissors to my head and then went to the barber shop for them to correct the nonsense that I cut into my hair lol

This is how my hair looked earlier this week.....

Here's how it looks now...... What do you think?

12 December 2011

Stylecon: Proprpostur

I was soooooo excited when I ran across this young gentleman's blog. Rarely do you see male fashion blogs. It's as if females have taken over the blogging world. However, this guy is doing an excellent job at reclaiming the blogging world. His style, look, everything just speaks for itself. 

I was super ecstatic when he agreed to do an interview with us 

*gets up shimmies, does the robot and electric slide* lol....
See for yourself :D

1) First thing first, your name is pretty interesting, Proprpostur. Can you explain what it means?
Posture is defined as: A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behaviour; an overall attitude as well as a characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage. These definitions were used in a fashionable urban sense to create this concept. Growing up everyone was raise to always make sure their posture was always upright and proper. Giving you Proper Posture (ProprPostur).
2) Please introduce yourself
My name is Spencer Edwards I am the head blogger behind proprpostur.com.
3) What inspired you to create a fashion blog?
It really just happened by accident, I started the blog just for fun to document my thoughts and stuff I liked. Then people really seemed to be into it so I just took it to a higher level. Im still learning and changing things as I go.
4) Many people have different definitions of "Fashion." What does that word mean to you?
“Fashion” doesn’t mean too much to me, its style that means everything to me. Style is more than just clothes, it’s a person’s personality, their swagger, their values, their story, etc.
5) Do you have any fashion inspirations? What about them inspires you?
Those who wear what they want and please, regardless of what the masses may say. 
6) Now for a couple of funny questions! What would be your ideal outfit?
 A classic black tailored suit by Tom Ford and apple juice.
7) What is your favorite season for fashion and why?
Fall, has to be my all time favorite season. The colors of the city due to the leaves, layering, and all the burnt colours. It’s a beautiful thing.
8) When putting together your outfits, what is the first item you start with? For example, with me I usually decide which shirt I wanna wear first then everything else comes after.
Hmmmm that’s a hard one. Probably a button up.
9) What's your idea of Simplicity?
When quality speaks over quantity.
10) Is there a blog or website where we can find you?
Yup sure is. http://www.proprpostur.com/ and my photography is at http://proprpostur.tumblr.com/
11) Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you greatly for this interview. It is greatly appreciated J

Letter to Santa

Good day everyone!! Hope you all are having an extraordinarily blessed week and day!!

So we are super excited that Christmas is Sunday this year. I mean what better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then on a Sunday! :D so while thinking of that we also thought of gifts.....

Omosexi's Wishlist: 
I started thinking about my childhood. It's rather interesting. My family was never the one to do Christmas gifts. I mean they told me from the jump that Santa wasn't real and I kinda even  figured that out in Kindergarten when we had to reply to the Dear Santa letters from to Pre-K kids because "Santa was too busy making toys" *rolls eyes* I was a smart child...couldn't put one past me...lol....anyways so yea, never really got into the whole Santa theme. Although we did decorate the tree every year which was fun and that was definitely some fun family times. And funny enough I never missed the gifts, I mean we were not rich and we were not poor but usually when I wanted something, I would just ask, never had to wait for Christmas to make this long extensive list....lol...anywho...

I've decided this year I'm making my Christmas Wishlist lol...so here it goes....All I Want for Christmas Is.....

Waffle Iron: (yes this is at the top of the list...every1 knows I hate pancakes but I love waffles) lol (can get this one from macy's and its the square one, not the circle one*hint hint*)

Blackberry Playbook/Ipad 2

Siberian Husky (they are the cutest sexiest dogs ever and I want one!!!) 

Nikon D90

Coco's Wishlist: 
Unlike Omosexi, my family was big on christmas and i got christmas gifts every year until I turned 18 and I got a job and they could care less what I wanted for christmas. Well, I wont bore you with a long note and go straight to what I want for christmas :D

Fendi Fan di Perfume

Blackberry 9900 *fingers crossed*

Nikon Coolpix L120

iPad 2

Victoria Secret Gift Card :D

Still writing and wishing,

10 December 2011

Men and Natural hair

There is always the debate of whether or not men like natural hair and what to do if your man doesn't like your hair. I found this video and I loved it. I never saw a man know so much about natural hair. If this man can know so much, any man can. I really would love my man to understand everything about my hair so I won't feel weird rocking my twist when I am about to go to bed (looking like medusa lol). So for all the ladies out there, who are scared to go natural or to do the big chop because of what their boyfriend/husband might think, this video is a must-watch.

I especially like when he said he likes 4a hair texture :D

03 December 2011

Flowers and Chocolate

So, since I've come to Jacksonville back in August, besides to school, I haven't really had anywhere to dress up to. And mehn I like playing dress up, but with the fact that Jax is so boring combined with how busy this semester has been, I haven't had time to have fun.....

So, this weekend when my friend Michelle called to tell me that she decided to celebrate her birthday by having a dinner, I was too excited.....finally I could throw my slippers and vans in the closet

 and break out my heels......lol.....I wore a very chill outfit....(white tank top from Cotton On; a gray blazer I got as a gift; some old jeans; and some red heels)

Anyways, I went to Michelle's place to help her get ready......(fyi...her bf is the sweetest, he sent her chocolates and flowers...too cute...btw Tobi she has yet to share the chocolate ooooooo lol) 

And to take pictures of course 

(btw, I'm on a mission to get these shoes lol)

Disclaimer: I'm not really that tall. Only 5'3....she's just really that short lol

So while waiting to be seated, we decided to walk around the Town Center. For you guys who have never been to Jax, the Town Center is one of its most gorgeous attractions. It's a huge, beautiful outdoor mall. And best of all it has my favorite store (Anthropologie....*hint hint*) 

The fact that we finally went somewhere other than the library was too much for some of us to handle and we started acting like fools in the stores.....lol....can you really blame us??? lol

Anyways, we finally got seated and enjoyed a very chill, delicious and  humorous dinner.....

That's the end of my night out....wanted to say another Happy Birthday to my darling Michelle. May God continue to prosper and bless you, and may he continue to add many more years to your years in Jesus Name. Luv ya!!!

Opening my book and reading,
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