12 December 2011

Stylecon: Proprpostur

I was soooooo excited when I ran across this young gentleman's blog. Rarely do you see male fashion blogs. It's as if females have taken over the blogging world. However, this guy is doing an excellent job at reclaiming the blogging world. His style, look, everything just speaks for itself. 

I was super ecstatic when he agreed to do an interview with us 

*gets up shimmies, does the robot and electric slide* lol....
See for yourself :D

1) First thing first, your name is pretty interesting, Proprpostur. Can you explain what it means?
Posture is defined as: A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behaviour; an overall attitude as well as a characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage. These definitions were used in a fashionable urban sense to create this concept. Growing up everyone was raise to always make sure their posture was always upright and proper. Giving you Proper Posture (ProprPostur).
2) Please introduce yourself
My name is Spencer Edwards I am the head blogger behind proprpostur.com.
3) What inspired you to create a fashion blog?
It really just happened by accident, I started the blog just for fun to document my thoughts and stuff I liked. Then people really seemed to be into it so I just took it to a higher level. Im still learning and changing things as I go.
4) Many people have different definitions of "Fashion." What does that word mean to you?
“Fashion” doesn’t mean too much to me, its style that means everything to me. Style is more than just clothes, it’s a person’s personality, their swagger, their values, their story, etc.
5) Do you have any fashion inspirations? What about them inspires you?
Those who wear what they want and please, regardless of what the masses may say. 
6) Now for a couple of funny questions! What would be your ideal outfit?
 A classic black tailored suit by Tom Ford and apple juice.
7) What is your favorite season for fashion and why?
Fall, has to be my all time favorite season. The colors of the city due to the leaves, layering, and all the burnt colours. It’s a beautiful thing.
8) When putting together your outfits, what is the first item you start with? For example, with me I usually decide which shirt I wanna wear first then everything else comes after.
Hmmmm that’s a hard one. Probably a button up.
9) What's your idea of Simplicity?
When quality speaks over quantity.
10) Is there a blog or website where we can find you?
Yup sure is. http://www.proprpostur.com/ and my photography is at http://proprpostur.tumblr.com/
11) Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thank you greatly for this interview. It is greatly appreciated J

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  1. Great Interview; Stylish and easy on the eye
    Can't go wrong with that combo!



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