29 November 2011

Natural Hairstyles Part 2

Two flat twists

Flat twist-out

My go-to bun


Bald and Beautiful

So recently, we have all noticed the new trend of females chopping all their hair off. Even though everything ain't for everybody, I really admire the people who take the huge step to go bald (or almost bald as the case may be). I have also noticed that not only black women are doing the Big Chop (BC), women of other races are doing it to. 

The Beautiful blonde from the Febreze commercial

Other celebrities like Chrisette Michele and Solange have also done the BC and they look absolutely gorgeous.

People don't only do the BC to go natural. Here are a few reasons women decide to cut off all their hair:
To love themselves more
Refuse to have beauty defined by society
To be spontaneous and change up their look
To be free
To be satisfied 

Like India Arie said I am not my hair. Don't let your hair define who you are.

24 November 2011

Gobble Gobble


Today is definitely a day of giving thanks. Looking back from the beginning of this year to now, and all that you've been through....you can't help but say "God Thank you"!!!

Remember you should give thanks everyday!!!

Just a few things we're thankful for:

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • All our Viewers and Followers (thank you :D)
  • Love
  • School (even though its stressful, its an opportunity)
  • Life
  • All my babies...they're growing up so big
  • Enemies (may God bless them)

21 November 2011

Tomato Jos

While studying [I promise I was studying] my Ipod just came across this song, and its been on repeat for the last 20 minutes. lol....can't blame me Flavour is just that good!!

*continues studying and bopping head*

20 November 2011

Stylecon: Naturelle Belle

We're even more excited to introduce out first guest Belle, whom I've been following for about two years now. Natural hair and fashion diva, she's one of a few people that has had a interesting hair journey that I definitely can relate to. Well here she is....Naturelle Belle........

1) Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a full time salon coordinator and part blogger. I also have a natural PR company, and I'm from London
2) When did you first develop your fashion sense and why? 
I've always been into clothes and fashion, when I was little my favourite thing to do was play dress up, I'm still  into dressing up now.
3) You're blog is awesome. What inspired you to create a fashion blog?
My blog is really a hair and beauty blog that has expanded into fashion. I guess one can talk about hair with fashion as it is definately an extension of your style.
4) A lot of people have different definitions of what "fashion" means. What does fashion mean to you?
Being able to express yourself though fashion it's freedom to be creative.
5) I've noticed that you're natural, how long have you been natural? And why?
I've been natural since 2008. I've always preferred natural hair textures and though I've had the odd dalliance with relaxer I'm not a natural lifer! 
6) Can you describe your hair routine?
I've been blogging about natural hair for a while. I was at first sucked into elaborate regimens and expensive product but now my regimen is fuss free. I wash my hair with Anita Grant Shampoo Bars, condition with Anita Grant Conditioner or Karen's Body Beautiful and I use Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia as a leave-in band and seal with Anita Grant Creamy Caffe Latte.
7) Do you have a website where people can go to check you out?


We are extremely excited to introduce to you guys our Guest section, where we bring you people that wow us, inspire us, and that we can relate to. 

If you are interested in being a Guest, definitely drop us an email and we'll talk. :D

Hope you Guys ENJOY!!!

18 November 2011

OOTD: 1900s My Way!!

Earrings: Thrift Store
Dress: Thrift Store
Shoes: Rugged Warehouse

1900s Kinda Gal

I've always loved the fashion scene of the 1900s. Honestly, I think people back then had more fashion sense then we do today. I mean, come on, they were the fashion pioneers. Seriously. Anyways, I've always admired everything about the 1900s, not just the fashion. But I love the music, the language/slang, the presence, EVERYTHING!!!

I remember I used to tell my friends that I wish I lived in the 1900s. [I mean don't get me wrong. I was born in 1989 and caught the last 10 years of it, but it's not the same lol]. I wish I was in my early 20s in 1940. Just so I can go to a parlor and dance all those crazy dances. Can you imagine?? Wearing those huge dress that were twice your size? The huge hair.....the hour glass look.....*sigh*

If only......

1900 - 1910

1920 - 1930

1940 - 1950

1960 - 1970

1980 - 1990

Still dreaming,

14 November 2011

Natural Hairstyles

So recently, my hair grew longer after I took out my weave (yes, I'm a semi-weavehead). My hair is not the typical natural hair that falls on the face, my hair is always up in the air. Doing the hairstyles I use to do when my hair was shorter is not quite possible so I have to experiment with my hair and think of new styles. I will put up picture of different styles I do to my h on various days and a short description of how I did it.
Here are different styles I did in the past week:

Mohawk: this style only works when my hair has a lot of shrinkage

Bun: this is pretty easy to do. I use my usual products and put my hair up with a small scrunchie and hair pins.

Freestyle up-do: french-braid in the back and a hump in front held down with pins

Mini-twists: After washing, I put in my usual products then I twisted it while my hair was still da

 Huge donut: after taking out the twists, I used a band to push my hair up. Then I used pins to make the donut look.
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