02 November 2011


I've really tried to stay away from blogging, but I couldn't help it. I've found so many interesting things that I need to share with you guys. So, I'm back :D

The title says it all, but let me tell you the story behind it. While studying in the library my friend showed me a picture from a tumblr that she followed. Upon seeing it, I was immediately outraged!!

How dare someone print a t-shirt like this?!?! Isn't it bad enough that every time you turn on the TV there are tons of Feed the Children ads, with African children with bellies the size of a mountain and bodies as skinny as sticks. Isn't it bad enough that every time you mention Africa, people automatically think starvation, hunger, poverty  destruction, corruption, sadness, pity, disease, uncivilized, etc. Why and how dare someone print a shirt that stated that...I'm telling you, I was beyond #blown....

But...then I PAUSED....and looked at the back of the shirt, and I realized I was so mistakenly wrong. How dare I begin to think that others can only print bad acronyms of Africa. 

This T-shirt is so true, and I definitely went out and ordered one, because I was in love. Africa is DONE Suffering. Hadn't we had enough. And from the pictures below, you can tell that we no longer want to suffer, but we choose to live and enjoy. (Some might even say that we are enjoying more than Westerners)

Do these pictures look like the same pictures you see on Feed the Children and books about Africa? NO, they aren't. These pictures DO NOT look like Africa is suffering at all. To me, it looks like Africans have discovered how to SIMPLY enjoy life.

Definitely visit the tumblr and see more pictures and support by buying a T-shirt

No Longer Suffering,

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