27 March 2012


Hey beautiful souls!!! So, this Sunday I went to church and was beyond blessed by the word. It was talking about friendship and God knows I needed to hear that word. Basically friendship has 4 functions:



So, if your friendship doesn't help you to grow, doesn't strength you, doesn't forgive you and teach you how to forgive others, and doesn't speak the truth to you, then you might want to re-evaluate it!

Ironically enough I ended up wearing yellow, which I thought was interesting...lol...(you know yellow, sunshine, happiness, brightness) lol. Well it made my day a bit better!

23 March 2012


Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls,

So I woke up this morning to a very interesting text message from one of my girl friends. The message contained only 3 words and one very impressive picture. So immediately I went online to see if this picture was the truth or a lie. I mean see for yourself.....
Yes, that is our First Lady, rocking a natural fro. And I must say she looks georgeous. I personally think this look is way better than her straight long hair. 

Unfortunately, this picture is a lie :(. It was photoshopped, but whoever photoshopped it did a good job. Hmmmm I wonder if Michelle has seen the picture yet. Hopefully she's contemplating going natural....it surely does fit her!!!

Anyways, back to school work :(

Love, Beatrice 

04 March 2012

Why You Talk So White???

Hey beautiful souls, sorry for being MIA. Life has been extremely hectic, but today I felt like I've abandoned you all for way too long!! Sorry :(

Well I've come bearing something very much interesting. (Well at least to me it was lol). The first time I watched this spoken word, I was taken aback....well let me not spoil it for you.....have a look for yourself :D

You can check out this young lady's Youtube Page where she has tons of other great spoken words!
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