12 June 2010

World Cup

This is so unlike my usual posts...but I just had to publicly support my team for the World Cup. GO NIGERIA!!!!!! lol...that is all!!!

09 June 2010

Why Natural????

Many people ask me why I decided to go natural?? Well here's your answer:

From the age of 6 to about 16, I was natural. I hated it! I was one of the most self-conscious adolescent girls you could have ever met. I cared entirely too much about what people said and what I did and looked like. I remember wearing my natural hair to school when I was like 8 yrs old and kids calling me nappy headed and all kinds of names…lol…so from then on I wore only braids in my hair…but the name calling didn’t stop….people then made fun of the fact that I always wore braids…lol…kids are mean mehn!! Lol Anyways when I was 15 I begged and begged my mom to let me get a perm {{so I could “fit-in”}}. Can you believe she told me NO. She said I should embrace my hair {yea right…lol}. She finally let me get a perm when I was 16. Long Hair Don’t Care…I thought I was the S***…lol…my hair was straight, out and “beautiful”. Then after a year my hair started to become damaged?? Why?? IDK…for some reason I had the worst split ends ever, my hair was thinning out daily, hair was falling out, etc. I talked to one of my friends that told me I should cut my hair and re-perm later. When I was 18, I chopped off all my hair and started over. My hair grew back thicker and strong. Then I made the mistake of re-perming it, which made it thinner and weaker once again. Long story short from the age of 18 to 19, I cut and permed my hair at least twice, until I finally decided that my hair loves being natural. So I made the big decision to go natural at the age of 19, irrespective of what anyone thought or said. It was time for me to stop being self-conscious and learn to love who I am, which is a natural beauty. This is my Hair Story!
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