14 January 2012

She's Back!!

Yes yes yes...we have not forgotten about our love. Asa is back in the spotlight!!! Yay!! I know it feels like years since we've last featured her, but I'm super excited about what she's doing now. Asa was able to get an exclusive....yes I said it EXCLUSIVE photo shoot with MTV IGGY. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever? I mean her fashion sense and confidence is just out of this world!! 

09 January 2012

Lip Tattoos?!?!

So I am a little confused ladies, help me out a bit. I ran across an article in one of my numerous web surfing sessions, about this new phenomena. It's this craze that is sweeping the nation and females all over are engaging in it. Temporary Lip Tattoos. So with these lip tattoos you apply them the same way you would apply a temporary tattoo. You know the kind you get from carnivals or cereal boxes. Place it on your lips, add water then BAM....bright pink cheetah lips, or whatever pattern it is!!

Personally, I'm not sure i'll ever fall into this trend. I'm not a lipstick girl to begin with and i'm pretty sure i'll never be a temporary lip tattoo girl! lol...So my question to you ladies: Is this really the new trend? And to you guys: Do you find this attractive? 


Sincerely Confused,

08 January 2012

And the Winner is....

Before announcing the winner for the AKEYNO giveaway, we first wanted to once again say a huge THANK YOU to AKEYNO for partnering up with us the do this giveaway. If you are interested in any of AKEYNO's pieces, definitely follow her blog and check out her website.

So without further delay.....the winner is......*drum roll*


Ms. Victoria please check your email for details of how you can claim your prize.

Thanks all for participating and check back here for another giveaway coming up real soon. *there has been talk of gift cards to wonderful places such as EXPRESS and MAC, but you have to stay tuned to find out*

Staying Simple,


06 January 2012

Color Me _______

Can't believe the weather today. It is such a beautiful day out. Feels like its 70 degrees in January in Maryland....O_o crazy I know. Instead of me being outside and taking pictures and enjoying I'm running errands to get ready to head back down south :(. Anyways, last night I had the privilege of spending the evening with a really special friend for her birthday. And TA-DA...this was what I wore

So while I was in Marshalls I saw this dress, but it wasn't the dress that attracted me. It was the belt. I mean I already have a blue dress, I only wanted the belt. So after 20 minutes of deliberating I finally decided to get it, just because of the belt lol

Birthday Girl!! Love you dear!!

Dress ~ Marshalls
Earrings ~ Thrifted
Wedged Boots ~ Aldo
Bag ~ Stolen from my sister lol

05 January 2012

Childish Heart

Happy New Year lovelies!! Sorry it was 4 days late. Have been o so busy trying to start this year of right and let me tell you this year has started off so beautifully, I can definitely say with confidence that this year is full of blessings waiting for me to claim!! Anyways, so for the new year I've been busy running errands and preparing to go back to Jax. Upon running these errands I saw a playground which brought back many memories and I couldn't help but act like a child again! lol

[I kind of like the colors going on in these pics..the blues and yellows lol]

Jean Shirt ~ Thrifted
Sweater ~ Forever21
Leggings ~ Can't remember 
Boots ~ Gojane
Satchel ~ Amazon
Belt ~ Cotton On

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