05 January 2012

Childish Heart

Happy New Year lovelies!! Sorry it was 4 days late. Have been o so busy trying to start this year of right and let me tell you this year has started off so beautifully, I can definitely say with confidence that this year is full of blessings waiting for me to claim!! Anyways, so for the new year I've been busy running errands and preparing to go back to Jax. Upon running these errands I saw a playground which brought back many memories and I couldn't help but act like a child again! lol

[I kind of like the colors going on in these pics..the blues and yellows lol]

Jean Shirt ~ Thrifted
Sweater ~ Forever21
Leggings ~ Can't remember 
Boots ~ Gojane
Satchel ~ Amazon
Belt ~ Cotton On

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