09 January 2012

Lip Tattoos?!?!

So I am a little confused ladies, help me out a bit. I ran across an article in one of my numerous web surfing sessions, about this new phenomena. It's this craze that is sweeping the nation and females all over are engaging in it. Temporary Lip Tattoos. So with these lip tattoos you apply them the same way you would apply a temporary tattoo. You know the kind you get from carnivals or cereal boxes. Place it on your lips, add water then BAM....bright pink cheetah lips, or whatever pattern it is!!

Personally, I'm not sure i'll ever fall into this trend. I'm not a lipstick girl to begin with and i'm pretty sure i'll never be a temporary lip tattoo girl! lol...So my question to you ladies: Is this really the new trend? And to you guys: Do you find this attractive? 


Sincerely Confused,


  1. ewwwww I'll stick to my mac lipsticks.....nay for me lol

  2. exactly the same way i feel...except for ill stick to sephora lol


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