17 October 2011

Destination Escape

This past weekend, I needed a get-a-way from my hectic study schedule, so I decided to leave Jacksonville and visit a friend in Daytona.

Friday night was spent chilling, and going to a whack party....but Saturday made up for the foolishery of Friday night

I started my Saturday off, watching a very intense soccer tournament

And when I said INTENSE, I mean intense enough for someone to break a drum because a team member missed a goal lol......Evidence ------>

While watching the first game, I heard and saw nothing but bikes on the streets. Wondering what was going on, someone told me that it was Bike-tober Fest at Daytona Beach....So I went to Daytona beach to check it out......

Most people that know me, know that I love bikes....I think they are so sexy, and I really want to ride on one.....anyways...I saw a lot of interesting bikes

And very INTERESTING people lol

Yes, that is a face tattooed on the back of the guys head with his hair cut to resemble eyebrows and mustache lol (crazy)

Anyways, after this eventful walk on the beach, we went out to an ASA party (finally partying with Africans), really wasn't that great though, (had me missing my DMV peeps) but I still made the best out of it!!!

Well that's my weekend adventure, unfortunately, I won't blog again for about 5 weeks 

I know, it's sad, but I only have 5 weeks left in this semester and I need to go invisible so I can beast these finals coming up.....

No worries though, Coco is here and I know she'll entertain you all.......

Until then, Stay Blessed and keep me in your prayers,

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