22 October 2011

AFW South Africa: Day 2

Kiki Clothing

Titi Ademola takes her experiences from attending London College of Fashion and American Inter-Continental University and working with Burberry and Betsy Johnson to create easy wearable garments

Gloria Wavamunno

Thanks to Gloria, women in Uganda are blessed with luxury and eccentric clothing made exclusively for them

Adama Paris

Born in Kinshasa, Congo to Senegalese parents, Adama encompasses her idea of her multi-cultural background

Eki Orleans

Born in Germany, raised in Nigeria, educated in UK, Hazel Orleans infuses bold, vibrant colors and patterns within soft silhouettes

Thula Sindi

Thula Sindi has five principles that he bases his designs off of: wearability, quality, accessibility, style and value

Dax Martin

Dax Martin, based in South Africa, designs swimwear for major pageants


Nigerian made brand that emphasizes a sense of power, sexuality, tradition and fashion


Soucha gets his creative innovative designs from growing up in his home town of Tunisia, working in Cairo, Egypt and Arabian background

Duaba Serwa

Nelly Aboagye, a nurse originally from Ghana, uses the motto "La mode se de'mode" meaning "Fashion goes out of fashion"

Christie Brown

From Ghana, Aisha uses colors inspired by African culture and art

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