13 October 2011

Eye Àdàbà (The Dove)

So Previously, we talked about Asa and how much of a beautiful musician she is. I don't want to bombard you with Asa (this just shows how much we love her :D ) but I just have to go into detail about how good she is lyrically and how her songs are so inspirational. Eye Àdàbà is one of her songs from her self-titled debut album. Even though this song is so short, the lyrics still hold a lot of power. This is a song that can speak to everyone in different situations. This song was written in Yoruba but here is the English:

I wake at dawn
As it dawn's upon me
I wake up to the sun
Shining upon me

I see doves in the sky
Birds flying high
Then in silence
I pray for peace
For my people

Although some of the meanings are lost in translation, the English lyrics still means a lot. It is a very optimistic song. Even in hard times we can still see the positive things around us and since there is still life, we can pray for peace for us and ours.

Even if you don't understand Yoruba, this is still a nice song to listen to.


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