16 October 2011

Exposed Soul

My music inspiration of the week is a New York born, Canada raised artist who exposes his soul through his lyrics. Although sometimes sad, his songs tell of his life experiences. Justin Nozuka, tells the story that his soul wants others to hear

I first fell in love with Justin when I heard "After Tonight." From then on, I've been hooked. 

I actually got the chance to meet him last year at a concert in DC and I must say he is incredibly humble. 

Story: My friend Jem and I had bought tickets to see his concert, which was on a Thursday at 7pm. I had a class in Baltimore that day (actually an exam). So I rushed through my exam and started speeding to get to the concert in DC. While driving, Jem was texting me (smh breaking all kinds of driving rules, thank God I didn't get pulled over), telling me that Justin was performing and that he was finished and getting ready to leave. Can you imagine that Jem asked him to wait a little longer for me cause I really wanted to see him...and guess what?!?! He actually did wait....I got to meet him, take pictures and actually have a 20 minute conversation with him. He asked about my family, school, etc.  

I was beyond surprised that he was that interested in me, and I fell in love with him even more. lol

Anyways, his openness in his music, is an inspiration for me to be open about my life. Why try and hide things? Let other's know so they can learn from your experiences. 

Hope you all enjoy him!

Loving Justin always,

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