23 July 2012

3D: Feel It!!

Hola lovelies,

It's been agessssssssssssss since we last blogged. Sorry!! We didn't mean to abandon yall like that. Life has just be so crazy for both of us. But I guess it's slowing down a bit, which is allowing us to blog a bit more!! Yay!! Have you missed us?!? I'm not sure about Coco, but I know I've missed yall!!! lol *and I'm sure she has too*. 

So I'm back with a new trend. [For some reason I always find the weirdest things online] But hey, I actually like this weird trend. A million times better than lip tattoos *hisses and rolls eyes* lol

Have you ever heard of......wait for it.........3D NAIL POLISH?!?!? lol....yep that's right....3D nail polish!!! 
Ciate's Caviar Manicure - the first three dimensional nail kit of its kind!! The kit features the paint base and the caviar pearls, which cause the polish to POP *literally* lol

I actually really like this trend. Unfortunately, the nail polish doesn't last long [3 - 4 days] without chipping, but hey I don't mind repainting every 3 days! Because it's so new, there are only four available colors. Lately, there has been an innovative trend with nail designs. I'm talking from classy [3D nail polish] to not so classy [lipstick shaped nails]. It's kind of exciting to see what else is in store for nails! 

The really good thing, is that although there are only 4 of the Caviar Pearls colors [white, black, rainbow, and red, white, blue mix], you can change the base color up to get more of a variety. I'm definitely going to splurge and buy some and start experimenting. #EXCITED!!!

Let me leave before I get too excited hahaha. Have a presentation on Thursday and everyone knows how I hate getting in front of people to present. In fact, [a random fact about me] my ears begin to burn when I'm nervous or embarrassed. Luckily, I'm too dark skinned for anyone to notice!!! lol 

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